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Ryan Zimmerman

During high school, Ryan worked summer jobs that included roofing, masonry, and siding. Having had a taste of construction and thinking that drafting might be something he would enjoy as a career, Ryan chose to shadow a couple of Weaver’s employees that did drafting and estimating for his high school Sr. project. Toward the end of his Sr. year, the employees he had been shadowing informed him that Weaver was interested in hiring a draftsman and would be willing to train him. He applied and was hired.

Taking a customer’s dream and turning it into a design and reality for a price that fits their budget has indeed turned out to be a career Ryan enjoys. Ryan is appreciative of the care that Weaver’s has for their employees. Not only are employees compensated well for their work, but the leadership also goes above and beyond that by caring about all facets of their lives. Weaver’s is a Christ-centered company and it shows in the way they treat employees, customers, and the community.

Ryan enjoys spending time with his wife and 5 children. Together they are in the process of starting up their own small hobby farm. When not working on their farm, Ryan enjoys all kinds of sports and any time spent outside.