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Janell Sitler

Janell grew up with a father who was a painter so it was easy for her to have a passion for the industry. With a degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute, Janell has worked in both the interior design industry and construction industry. She noticed as a designer, she was designing and not understanding how items were constructed or built. She decided to gain experience in construction to further her knowledge of both worlds.

As a selections coordinator at Weaver’s, Janell assists clients with all the design details of a project. She walks alongside the client and brings their visions to life by selecting tile, paint color, plumbing and electrical fixtures, and even furniture options. Additionally, she provides clients with detailed and rendered drawings to help envision what their space will look like. Janell also works alongside the project managers with job-specific items to help keep the project organized.

Janell loves that at Weaver she gets to utilize the best of both her experience in design and construction. She enjoys working with a team of faith-filled believers and is grateful for the collaboration from her coworkers.

When she isn’t at Weaver, she can typically be found at the gym or with the cheerleaders she coaches. She enjoys cooking, walking her dogs, and spending time with her husband and family.