Project Management


Your construction project takes up a lot of your time because you want everything to be right. We understand that. We know that you can’t be onsite all day, every day. You might have business or family obligations. We also know that for these reasons, you rely on us to make sure the work we’ve done meets your standards. That’s why we assign a Project Manager to every project we undertake.

Your Project Manager is your advocate from before ground is broken until final payment is received. His job is to make sure everyone involved in the project, including subcontractors, understand exactly what is supposed to happen and when. The Project Manager then makes sure those things are done.

If your build is for a commercial property, there is likely to be a superintendent managing project progress in the field. The job of the Project Manager is to keep everyone on time and on budget.

In either case, you can rest a little easier knowing your Weaver Project Manager is keeping an eye on things, even when you can’t.

If you have a large construction project planned, let’s discuss how Weaver can help you keep everything on track.

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