Land Planning


There’s a lot more to new construction than purchasing a property and starting to build. Beyond blueprinting what the structure or structures on the property should look like, there are other considerations like where the buildings will sit on the property. What direction will these buildings face? Where should I lay sewer lines, electric and gas? Is there going to be an access road? Where will it go?

Good land planning is essential to a successful project. But what if you’re not very familiar with the process? No need to worry – Weaver has you covered. We will lead you through the process step by step. We’ll bring the right people and handle all the administrative work, assembling a team of engineers, professionals and lawyers that will work to make certain your new construction both reflects your vision and meets all codes and regulations.

If you need assistance in land planning for an upcoming project, let’s talk about how Weaver can provide that assistance.

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