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Tristan Martin

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Hunter Marcum

Growing up with his dad working in the construction industry made Hunter feel like a career in carpentry was a natural fit. He loves the family atmosphere that is found at Weaver! Hunter has had the opportunity to work on…

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Bob Neuenschwander

Growing up on his Dad’s farm gave Bob plenty of chances to build things, but it was a school shop class that perked his interest in carpentry as a career. In 1985 he began working for a small construction company…

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Roger Stauffer

In his late teens, Roger was looking for a job and his neighbor (who worked for Weaver’s), told him that there was an opening in the roofing division at Weaver. Roger got the job, and found Weaver’s to be a…

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Dylan Ray

Dylan started working as a carpenter framing houses in Virginia. Later when he moved to Pennsylvania he continued advancing his construction career, becoming a superintendent. His days are spent coordinating schedules and overseeing each detail of onsite construction work. He…

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