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Tristan Hurst

Building things has always fascinated Tristan, as a child he started out creating things with Legos and later spent time on excavation job sites with his father watching and learning from skilled tradesmen. After high school, Tristan decided to pursue…

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Eric Ackerman

Building things has always been a source of enjoyment for Eric, and he can remember using scraps of plywood to build a clubhouse with neighborhood friends when he was 10 years old. Now as a Project Manager he is able…

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Andy Snader

A typical day for Andy consists of making sure that all bases are being covered on the jobs he’s overseeing. He enjoys working ahead – planning and scheduling – to ensure that everything happens as efficiently as possible. Andy’s career…

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Evan Martin

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Mike Weaver

Straight out of high school, Mike began working for a two-man carpentry business that specialized in small renovations and restorations. After a year there, Mike was given the opportunity to work for Weaver when they were completing a project for…

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Dan Fisher

Dan is a project manager for our commercial projects. His responsibilities include planning, coordination, and supervision of the construction project to ensure it is completed on schedule and within budget. Dan studied Construction Management while in college. He loves that…

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