While “quality craftsmanship guaranteed” is and will always be the standard for us, we have built our business on solid customer relationships.  Character is the bedrock of good construction.  At Weaver, we are committed to maintaining excellent relationships with our clients throughout the entire building process.  A job well done results in clients who speak for us:

  • “We would like to thank all the Weaver employees, contractors and sub-contractors who were involved in the construction of our Sunday School Building.  Now that the building has been completed, we are satisfied that we made the best choice in selecting Weaver.” – First Ukrainian Evangelical Baptist Church of Philadelphia
  • “Our project required many phases and strict schedules with flexibility to complete everything in time for our peak business season all while keeping our store open, safe and presentable for our retail customers.  We were able to do so without missing a beat.  Today and in the future, we will be reaping the benefits of having chosen Weaver Construction for this milestone project.” – K. Burkholder
  • “It has been a pleasure to have you as our general contractor.  Tying the new structure into the existing one was an amazing and complicated feat.  As a former business owner, I appreciate the difficulty in the decisions that were made on a daily basis.” – K. Musser, Calvary Bible Church