Safety is our top priority

There’s nothing casual about safety, especially in the construction field. Unfortunately, some companies learn that the hard way. We were almost one of them.

Luckily, our near-miss several years ago led us to take a completely new look at our safety practices in the field, on roofs, at the office and on the road. Every practice and policy was scrutinized with the safety of our team members and customers in mind. Today, we average only one lost time injury every 194,400 labor-hours. And yet we’re still striving to improve. For Weaver, safety is a priority – and it shows.

Weaver’s safety program includes CPR training, fall protection training and proper forklift operation. We practice fire safety, spill response and best practices for staying safe while using heavy machinery. In addition to extensive safety training, we also provide state-of-art safety equipment like fall-prevention harnesses for our teams in the field.

Sure, this focus on safety takes time, effort and investment – but it’s important to everyone at Weaver Companies. “Safety trumps everything. You must go home to your family every night. There is no work or money that is worth dying for.”