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Working for Good: the Cross Connection Youth Center Expansion

Every year, Weaver Construction dedicates a day of work to a community project as part of our commitment to good stewardship. On June 4, the entire Weaver Construction and Roofing crew came together to work on a project for Cross Connection Ministries (CCM) in New Holland. The project gave our employees a chance to work with employees they don’t always get to work with and gave Weaver a chance to contribute to a meaningful community project.

Construction Project Manager, Quinten Zwally and Roofing Production Manager, Chris Martin coordinated the project, which involved building an addition onto a warehouse and framing out a loft area inside the building. CCM recently rented the warehouse, located across the street from their present facilities, to convert into a new youth center. The addition will house bathrooms, a kitchen and a skateboard ramp, while the adjacent loft inside will serve as a dining, entertainment and gym area.

Originally, Quinten’s goal for the day was to open up the back of the building, frame the addition and frame the interior loft space. “Basically, we wanted to get CCM past the overwhelming part of the project,” Quinten said. “It’s a big project, especially for someone without construction experience, and we wanted to get them past the stuff that takes a lot of brute force and construction experience so volunteers could come in and finish it.”

After doing the walk-through, however, Quinten decided he would try to get the exterior completed as well. “I decided I was going to push to see if we could get it under roof and maybe side it, too,” he said.

It was a pretty tall order. Opening up the back of the building meant a lot of heavy work, as they had to create and expand openings in the block walls. Crews worked inside and out framing the loft and the addition on either side.


It took Weaver’s staff of approximately 50 workers the full day, but they met their goal. By the end of the day, the loft was fully framed, the addition was fully shingled and a portion of the siding was in place. “We worked right up until 5 p.m.,” Quinten said. “Our roofing division was laying shingles right behind the framers as they finished the addition. Everybody really pulled together to get it to that point. We got it in a good position for volunteers to come in and finish it.”


Throughout the day, CCM board members came through to check on their progress. “You could just see the excitement on their faces when they saw what we were doing, how much they appreciated it,” Quinten said. A CCM board member spoke to the crews over lunch about CCM’s mission and their work with youth in eastern Lancaster County. “It really hit home for all of us,” Quinten said. “It was a reminder of why we were there, that it wasn’t just another day at work. We were helping the kids, giving them a place to hang out and get away from whatever troubles they faced at home, helping them grow in their personal lives.”


Quinten confirmed that employees had a lot of fun working on the project. “It was a blast,” he said. “We had a chance to work with no pressure. And some of these office guys haven’t lifted a two-by-four in a while, so it was fun for some of the field crews to work with them. It gave people an opportunity to interact with others they don’t always get to work with. That meshing is what keeps the company moving forward, keeps that family feeling within the company.”

Weaver’s stewardship events are always a win-win for employees and the community. “The main reason for doing it is to help out in the community,” Quinten said. “We do a lot of work outside of the area and projects like this let the local community know they’re still the top priority in our book. Actions show that as much as anything.”

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The full crew.

The loft is currently on 4x4 posts, but will eventually be finished with stone pillars. The large adjacent area will house a gym and basketball court.

The loft is currently on 4×4 posts, but will eventually be finished with stone pillars. The large adjacent area will house a gym and basketball court.

Inside the addition.

Inside the addition.

The crews managed to roof the entire addition.

The crews managed to roof the entire addition.

“I really enjoyed all coming together to work on this project that will have significant impact on the youth and families of our community. It’s an honor to be given this opportunity by our company.”– Kevin Esh, Finance Manager

“Working in the field was fun – for a day!”– Steve Gerhart, Construction Sales

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