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Weaver Roofing: Quality You Can Bank On

We recently completed a major roofing project for Fulton Bank in the heart of downtown Lancaster. The project involved replacing their existing rubber roof with a white thermoplastic olefin (TPO) membrane. TPO is an increasingly popular roofing choice for commercial applications because it is available in a variety of light, reflective colors that can save energy during hot seasons.

FullSizeRender.jpgOne of the challenges of the project was loading materials six stories up while protecting people passing through the work area. “It was a complex project,” said Roofing Project Manager Chris Martin. “It took quite a bit of coordination with the Lancaster Parking Authority. We had to rent parking spaces, shift traffic lanes and get our crane in place, then tear out and replace the roof, all in the midst of a busy city street.”

The roofing division’s goal was to get the work done with minimal disruption to the client’s business and to the city. “The team did an exceptional job managing the work site,” Chris said. “When we were done, the people from Fulton said they hardly even knew we were there.”

Weaver is a Firestone certified installer for TPO and other flat roof membranes as well as shingles and other traditional roofing materials. We are able to handle every aspect of a project from permitting and compliance with local building codes through warranty service and maintenance.

IMG_5156“This was an exciting project for our roofing division,” Chris said. “The client was wonderful to work with and the roof looks great.” The roof is ready to deliver many years of energy-efficient, trouble-free protection.

Is your roof performing up to standards? Is it time for a replacement? If you’re not sure, let Weaver do an inspection. We use advanced technology like thermal imaging to detect leaks long before they can cause damage to your home or business. We’ll get up on your roof safely and let you know how it’s performing. We also perform regular maintenance checks to keep your warranties in force.

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