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Weaver Plays in Charity Softball Tournament

Weaver has played softball for charity for over 15 years.

Coach and outfielder Quint Zwally led the Weaver softball team onto the field at Paradise Park. Their friends, their families, and their Weaver coworkers cheered them on.

For more than 15 years Weaver has played in an annual charity softball tournament, taking on over 25 different Central PA construction companies. Weaver and the other teams play for bragging rights — and they play to contribute to a worthy cause.

Coaching for more than a decade, Quint has led the Weaver softball team to the finals and he’s seen them drop out in the first round. Yet Quint knows, win or lose on the field, the Weaver team always wins — as people and as a company.

Meet the Weaver softball team and learn how Weaver builds camaraderie and community — on and off the softball field.

The Weaver All-Stars

The 2016 team is proud to represent each division of Weaver: Residential, Commercial, Roofing, Excavating, and Office Personnel.

The weaver softball team takes the field

“It’s always fun to see a different perspective on guys away from the office. It’s a whole different atmosphere, and it’s a great way to create relationships with guys you don’t work with every day.” Jay Stoltzfus Construction Salesman says.

The Weaver Roster:


Quint Zwally:  Coach, Right-Center

Ryan Zimmerman: Left-Center

Jay Stoltzfus: Shortstop

Dillon Stauffer Catcher/Second Base

Andy Hollinger: First Base/Third base

Travis Stauffer: Second Base

Gaven Zwally: Outfield

Harlan Hoover: Outfield

Jonah Landis: Outfield/First Base

Jon Horst: Third Base

Matt Strickler: Second Base

Shaun Mendenhall: Outfield

Chris Showalter: Pitcher

Building a Community

As it does for Weaver, compassionate ministry also inspires the softball tournament. Each year, the tournament entry fees do good work around the world. One year, the proceeds built a home overseas. Another year, the proceeds bought and distributed food to the needy. Community building like this is near and dear to Weaver’s heart.

For Weaver building cammaraderie is essential.

“We all realize that we’re very blessed in that we have healthy bodies that can work every day — and go play sports if we want.” Quint says. “The idea of being able to give back is so important.”

This commitment to ministry goes beyond Weaver writing a check once a year. As a company, Weaver donates their time and skills to community projects. That’s a promise they fulfill every year. Also, individual Weaver team members commit their lives to international missionary work.

Read more about Weaver’s community stewardship.

Read about Excavating Project Manager Henry Garman’s international missionary work. 

Building a Team

Quint is accustomed to leading a team. Whether he sees teammates work together on a jobsite or he sees teammates setting up a double play on the field, he knows that teamwork defines Weaver. The similarities aren’t accidental either. He believes playing a team sport replicates and encourages the culture of Weaver.

“On a Weaver jobsite guys aren’t just there to earn a paycheck, they’re there looking out for each other.” Quint knows from experience. “When someone needs a hand, guys are quick to give one.”


Having a close team doesn’t just produce a pleasant atmosphere, it produces the best results and makes for the best customer experience.

“The strength of our team is obvious to our customers.” Quint says. “Time and time again I get compliments about how well our guys work together.”

A Satisfying Conclusion and Weaver World Series Predictions

Even though Weaver didn’t place in the tournament—they had a fantastic day of teamwork and community. Best of all, they followed it up with some fantastic food.

After the games, the Weaver softball team and their fans headed to the annual company picnic that evening.

Onto the Picks!

Both Quint and Jay were gracious enough to give their 2016 Major League Baseball postseason predictions — before the games kicked off.

Quint: San Francisco Giants for the WS (gotta love the even year odds)

Jay: Either the Boston Red Sox or the LA Dodgers for the WS

They both expressed disappointment that the Phillies haven’t made it to the big dance since 2011. We can hope for next year though, right guys?

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