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Weaver High School Internship Program

20161209_175957260_iOSWhen Safety Director Matt Riehl brought the high school interns to visit the construction site at L&S Sweeteners, their eyes widened — they were in awe. From the heavy machinery like the crane and Boom Pump, to sheer size of the project. The students knew building something like this would be a satisfying way to make a living.

In that moment alone, Matt felt the Weaver High School Internship Program qualified as a rousing success. Of course, most of the moments leading up to that also convinced Matt the program had succeeded.

Why have an internship program?

When Matt and Weaver co-owner Ken Weaver started the Weaver internship program in early September, they had two goals.

Goal # 1: Provide first-hand, career-making experience in the construction field for a diverse group community students.

Goal # 2: Build a pool of young talent, some of whom can become next generation of the Weaver family.

As is the case with almost all Weaver projects, the story behind High School Internship Program is one of building the best company possible while building the community at the same time. We do business to provide for ourselves and our community — we wouldn’t have it any other way.

“In my mind, this is valuable for us and them,” Matt said. “It’s a recruiting tool, but also a way to give students valuable career experience!”

According to Matt, the fall interns were so fantastic that Weaver is already looking for the spring team. It goes without saying that all fall interns were invited back—for next semester and next year!

20161209_175918579_iOSWho’s Eligible?

Right now, the Weaver Internship Program is open to students, age 14-17, enrolled in Linville Hill High School and Pequea Valley High School.

As the program continues to thrive, Weaver may offer the opportunity to additional schools.

Contact us if you know a student interested in an internship and exploring their career.

Traits of Weaver high school interns?

Just like when looking for members of the Weaver team, character and desire to learn matter more than experience. Since we are a family, values and personality count for a lot.

“We look for people who are driven and who have good ethical values,” Matt says. “We’re willing to train you and give you the tools you need to succeed if you’re new to field.”

What Does a Weaver Internship Entail?

Sales, safety direction, human resources, project management — essentially, Weaver internships cover the entire process.

Even though the students learn a bit of everything, Weaver will tailor the education plan for interns who know what motivates them.

  • For college bound students, the internship can focus on sales, drafting, and engineering.
  • For trade bound students, the internship focuses on the jobsite experience.

Benefits for the Interns

Since the Weaver construction process is multifaceted, so are the skills the interns learn. By working alongside the Weaver team, the interns get exposed to the fun-loving, value-based Weaver atmosphere – right from day one.

20161209_175101147_iOSProfessional Office Skills
  • Exposure to accounting program Sage 300
  • Professional phone skills
  • Shadowing with engineering and drafting
  • Familiarity with essential programs like Word and Excel
Jobsite Skills
  • Understanding of jobsite management
  • Jobsite safety inspection familiarity
  • Knowledge of how to write up a safety report
Intangible Benefits
  • Real exposure to the trade of construction—from start to finish
  • A sense of professionalism
  • Camaraderie with the Weaver team
  • Participation in Weaver events
  • Learning the strong Weaver ethical values

Weaver High School Internship Program: Wrap-Up

When the Weaver interns headed back from the L&S Sweeteners site, they talked about what the liked most and whether they could see themselves doing this for a living.

Back to work at the office, the interns were excited because they finally saw the big picture. The months of work they had done made the construction site come to life.

“Working in the office shows them the behind the scenes work that makes it all come together,” Matt said. “Construction isn’t just going out and swinging a hammer—there are hours of planning involved in every project. When they got back from the site, they saw that.”

For the second time that day, Matt felt a swell of pride for his interns.

The Weaver team is excited for many of the interns to return and is excited to meet the Spring 2017 team — who may very well become the next generation of the Weaver family.

Contact us for a conversation about bringing the community-minded construction company to your project!



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