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What We’re Thankful for at Work

At this time of year we’re reminded to count our blessings, and one of the first that comes to mind when we think about our company is our people. At Weaver, we believe strongly that our greatest strength as a company—what really sets us apart—is our hardworking people and the bond we share based on beliefs and values that put other people first.

Last year, we celebrated our 40th Thanksgiving as a company. As part of our celebration, we asked employees to write down something they were thankful for in their work. Their responses were humbling and inspiring. One employee summed it up this way:

What I would be most thankful for at Weaver would be my coworkers. It truly is a great group of people. Although being in the field, we don’t see everybody all the time; I would consider everyone a friend.

These are the words they used inWeaver Thanks cloud their Thanksgiving messages:

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