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Three Blessed Years: Weaver Construction Reaches Safety Milestone

Three Safe Years

On February 3, Weaver reached the milestone of three years without a single employee losing time to injury. After a longtime employee suffered a serious injury from a roof fall, we further committed to doing whatever possible to protect each employee, every day.

The construction business is regarded as a high risk field because there are more potentially dangerous variables than at other workplaces, including machinery, tools, and weather. At Weaver, we simply don’t accept that construction sites need to be dangerous. Instead, we strive to make them as safe as possible. We recognize that this is an accomplishment built one day at time by every member of the team.

Weaver’s Culture of Safety

Weaver’s approach to safety is evident at all levels of the organization. Team members on every job site have adopted the corporate focus on safety and work actively to keep each other safe. No one wants to see anyone get hurt, and no one wants to be the one to break the streak. Owner Ken Weaver says that celebrating milestones keeps safety on everyone’s mind in a positive way.

At Weaver, the focus on safety comes from the very top. Ken reports that hardly a meeting goes by at which employee safety isn’t discussed. Our focus on employee safety stems from our focus on God, family, and the people that comprise the Weaver team.

“Our desire, more than anything, is that our employees go home to their families each night,” Ken said.  “We want to do a good job. We want to satisfy our customers. We want to make a little money, but none of that matters if not everyone makes it home at night.”

The Celebration

To celebrate the milestone, Weaver plans to shut down operations on Friday, April 22, for a much-deserved day of fun along Maryland’s beautiful Eastern Shore. The entire company will ride by luxury bus to the Point at Pintail, a clay shooting course and waterfront retreat.

Throughout the day, Weaver team members will get a choice between, shooting on the sporting clay range, fishing on chartered boats in the bay, and golf on a nearby course. Following the day of relaxation, the company will congregate for a seafood feast.

Always Working to get Safer

To improve their already stellar environment, Weaver wants to hire a part-time safety director, a position that would focus exclusively on workplace safety. Ken feels that the perfect candidate would be semi-retired with experience in the construction field.

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