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Stunning Split Level: A Dream — Delivered on Time

Weaver completed this dream renovation in time for christmas.

Although the finished home looks amazing. when the homeowners visited their house under construction, they were in disbelief. Torn-down walls, exposed wiring, and uncovered piping—the husband and wife were mystified. In just a few days of work the Weaver team made amazing progress — although there was still more to do.

“Just for fun, you guys want to lend a hand?” A Weaver team member said, handing the curious husband and wife a sledgehammer.

They looked back and forth. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to knock a hole in their living room.

“I’ll give it a crack.” He said.

“I’m going first.” She insisted.

Weaver prides itself on involving the customer in the renovation process. This time it was by putting a ten pound hammer in their hands.

Weaver also prides themselves in their ability to take something drab and make it a dream—while keeping on a schedule, no less.  The stunning split level renovation put us to the test.

Before the Renovation

The white stucco outside of the home still looked beautiful. The inside, however, needed a re-imagining.

The original kitchen before the dream renovation was too cramped.In particular, the walls that the homeowners smashed needed to go. Instead of feeling open and welcoming, the kitchen and living room reminded you of a hedge maze. Instead of welcoming natural light, the old design looked perpetually dark.

“It was like there were walls everywhere. The whole thing was really outdated.” Project Manager Quint Zwally remembered.

The appliances felt as obsolete as the dark and cramped interior. Sterling new appliances were high up on the renovation wishlist.

The wooden floors which had once been a showpiece detracted from the house. Over years of wear, they became weathered and worn-out.

The bathroom before the dream renovation was not up to date.Finally, the bathroom called out for a glamorous update as well. The tub was cramped and the previous owner had an old mosaic designed on the wall.

“At some point somebody put a lot of time into but it definitely wasn’t the homeowners’ flavor,” Quint noted.

The renovation encompassed most of the house. Essentially, the Weaver team knew this project would be like a building a new home inside the still-beautiful stucco exterior.

Of course building a whole new house isn’t easy when you have to keep to a tight schedule.

The Time Crunch

This ambitious project came with a tight deadline of six months. The homeowners needed to be moved back in by the holidays. Christmas in their new home, justifiably, was a non-negotiable.

“With remodels there’s always a chance something can go wrong.” Quint knows from more than 2 decades in construction. “When you open a wall you never know what you’re going to find.”

The drop-dead-deadline drove the project, but Weaver never sacrificed quality – instead they called in reinforcements.

Tight Timeline Solution

When tackling the tight timeline, Weaver used a combination of manpower and brainpower.


From the second they started, Weaver did everything they could to meet the timeline. That began with bringing in an extra crew to assist with the demolition. Since Weaver is such a well-staffed company, they had the ability to call in guys from the roofing and excavating team to lend a hand.

“By using more guys we easily saved two or three weeks. That’s what the homeowners like to see. A good demolition sets the project off right.” Foreman Andrew Hollinger said.

Even more than a typical project, during the stunning split level renovation the demolition team created a lot of debris. Between knocking down cramped walls, pulling up hardwood floors, and smashing-up the old mosaic.

In total, they filled 8 maximum-size 30 yard dumpsters with debris.

“Tearing into a wall, ripping up floor, and just chucking stuff out the window.” Andrew described the demolition phase. “It’s kind of fun for us. It’s what we do and we’re into it.”

Not a Minute Wasted

With Andrew and the Weaver reinforcements getting a head start on the ground, Quint made all his management decisions to keep the schedule moving. It was a perfect partnership.

For every decision he makes, Quint always has the big picture in mind. For example, Quint knows that sometimes you can save another crew or subcontractor time by allocating more work somewhere else. He also knows his experience paid off for this kind of job.

“I’ve got enough experience that I feel I can give each trade enough time to get there work done but not give them the freedom to extend it longer than it needs to take.”

So did the Weaver team ever worry about missing the deadline? Of course not.

“We knew we were going to make the whole time,” Quint said. “We never fell behind, we were always right there with the schedule.”

After the Renovation


This open floor plan featured prominetly in the dream renovation.

Beautiful pristine hard wood floors. Natural light suffused throughout an open floor plan. Sparkling new appliances. And a luxuriously modern standup-shower.

Following the dream renovation, the bathroom featured a modern shower.

The new home exceeded the homeowner’s expectation, and they loved having Christmas in their open dining room.

“It’s what we do and what we specialize in: the complete renovation of a house. It’s our game—that’s what we did.” Andrew said.


The owners were thrilled to move back into their home. The renovation made the house feel like an entirely new home. Throughout the holiday season, the compliments poured in: the beautiful floor, the natural light, the gorgeous modern bathroom.

The homeowners even earned a story to tell about their part in the demolition process

The dream renovation made entertaining during the christmas holidays even better.

Every step of the way, Weaver saved time to meet their crucial deadline. Every swing of a hammer and every foot of pristine hardwood floor created the “Stunning Transformation Split Level” renovation. Weaver excels at this type project, changing a family home from drab to dream, from cramped to spacious, from old to new—all while meeting a deadline.

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