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Seven Trends to Watch in Commercial Building Design

We’re seeing some exciting trends in commercial building design and construction, many of which apply to residential construction as well. The common denominators are bright colors, open, flexible interior spaces and a dedication to green construction.

Colors of the Year: Warm and Upbeat

The Pantone Color Institute’s Color of the Year is Marsala, a wine-red hue that conveys “sophisticated, natural earthiness,” according to Pantone Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman. Sherwin Williams also chose a warm, bright color for this year in “Coral Reef,” an “upbeat and optimistic” color that “celebrates a time for renewal.”

In commercial spaces, brighter, bolder accent colors are being paired with neutral backdrops to give spaces a feeling of fun and energy.

Collaborative, Casual Gathering Spaces

Commercial buildings are being designed with more flexible, open spaces. Some attribute this to the fact that so much work is being done with mobile technology, allowing work groups more choices in how and where they want to meet. It also reflects a less rigid, more collaborative work environment.

Home designs have also become more open and casual in recent years, a trend that is likely to continue for some time.

Shared, Mixed Use Space

Another major commercial building design trend is mixed use spaces. Isolated company headquarters are being replaced with shared corporate spaces featuring shopping, dining and entertainment venues. In addition, the corporate campus with business units in separate buildings seems to be giving way to single buildings with open, flexible interiors.

Flooring: Bold and Modular

Commercial flooring doesn’t have to blend into the background. Today’s designs are trending toward brighter, bolder geometric designs that convey a sense of energy and fun. Carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles are becoming very popular because of their flexibility and the ability to easily replace damaged tiles.

Bring on the Tech

In residential and commercial construction, planning for technology has become an integral part of the design process. That means everything from dedicated media centers to technology hubs and charging stations in central gathering places.

Green Design

Green building design continues to be a driving force on the commercial and residential fronts, as businesses and homeowners look for ways to save energy and reduce their environmental footprints.

Experience Design

A big trend in commercial construction is “experience design,” or building design that goes beyond being a backdrop to become part of the user’s experience. This is reflected in more distinctive commercial spaces that provide a unique and meaningful environment for the user to enjoy.

If you’re ready to design your commercial or residential construction project, schedule a consultation with a member of our team. We’ll help you create inviting spaces that reflect the way people live and work today.

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