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Seven Steps to a Successful Excavation Project

Most construction projects involve multiple teams. Because excavation lays the foundation for so many other phases of construction, a miscalculation by the excavation team can throw off your entire project.

The following are key items you should discuss before hiring an excavator.

1. Erosion and Sediment Control

When excavating a job site, stormwater management is critical. “You can’t just dig in and let the soil wash away,” said Randy Weaver, Co-Owner and Executive Vice President of Weaver Construction. “Erosion control can involve fairly technical site management, including things like stripping the top soil, erecting a silt fence and observing project sequences.”

Failing to properly manage stormwater can have dire consequences. “Construction projects are subject to inspections every step of the way, and inspectors have the power to shut a project down over issues like soil erosion,” Randy said.

2. Site Management and Sequencing

It’s critical for the excavation team to observe the scope and sequence of the entire project. This may entail designating construction entrances, haul roads and fill piles before excavation begins. “In residential and commercial construction projects, if the site work is not done in the proper sequence it can delay the whole project,” Randy said.

3.  Utilities Management

Another important consideration is avoiding damage to gas lines, fiber optic lines, water lines and other underground utilities. Experience with sewer and septic system installations is a major advantage.

4. Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Excavation teams must also tightly adhere to project schedules. “In excavation, you have to make hay while the sun shines,” Randy said. “If there’s a break in the weather and you miss the opportunity to put footings in the ground, the blocks can’t go in, the next phases are thrown off. A single missed opportunity in excavation can hold up the entire project by a week or more.”

5. Communication

With so many teams working on the typical commercial construction site, it’s no wonder that miscommunication is a leading cause of delays and problems. The excavation team should always be readily available to you throughout your project.

6. Professional Service

Excavation crews should take measures to protect the job site and neighboring properties from damage. This includes use of specialized ground mats and other equipment to preserve established lawns and plantings.

7. A Partner You Can Trust

When asked what qualities they look for in a construction company, general contractors and homeowners alike usually include values high on the list, right up there with expertise and experience. It’s invaluable to know that all teams on the job site will treat your project like their own.

Weaver offers expert excavation services to homes and businesses of all sizes, including:

  • Site utilities and stormwater management
  • Swimming pools, ponds and other water features
  • Trenches and foundations
  • Site grading
  • Land clearing
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Septic systems
  • Decorative rock retaining walls

“Our excavation division is expanding now,” Randy said. “We have the manpower, equipment and experience to take on new projects.”

If you want an excavation partner you can trust, contact us to explore working with Weaver Construction.

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