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Prevent Roof Leaks and Damage With Fall Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about your roof when it’s working properly. After all, most roofs carry 02_RoofServicepretty long warranties, which leads some people to think they can install one and then forget about it for a few decades.

Yet when you think about it, your roof is all that’s standing between you—and everything you own—and the elements. And it takes a lot of punishment from rain, snow, ice and wind every year. Even a new roof can suffer storm damage—a lifted shingle, a crack—that can lead to major structural and interior damage to your home if it goes undetected.

The importance of regular maintenance

Each fall, it pays to take the following steps to ensure that your roof is prepared to protect your home from winter snow and storms.

Clear your gutters

Check your gutters and clear any debris to ensure proper drainage. If your gutters are not protected by a screen or guard and you get a lot of leaves, you may need to inspect your gutters regularly throughout the leaf shedding season. Keeping gutters clear will ensure that water flows away from your house the way it’s supposed to.

If you don’t already have one, you might consider a gutter guard system. These range from inexpensive DIY screens to more sophisticated covered gutter systems.

Do a quick shingle inspection

Inspect your shingles wherever you can safely do so from a ladder or secure location, or hire a professional to check them. Look for lifted, cracked or worn shingles. If you find any damage, contact your roofing professional right away about a repair.

Check edges and openings

Check the joints around fireplaces, skylights, dormers, vents and any other areas where shingles meet your house. Make sure seams are clear of debris and edges are securely sealed.

Let Weaver handle it for you

If you’re one of those people who prefer to keep their feet firmly attached to the ground, just call Weaver. We provide convenient annual roof inspection and maintenance services to ensure that your roof is ready to keep your family snug and dry each winter. Give us a call to find out more.

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A word about safety

Climbing ladders and walking on your roof is inherently dangerous. If you are not accustomed to doing so, you can easily be injured. Our professionals have the experience and equipment to do a complete inspection of your entire roof safely.

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