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Modern Master Suite: a Dream Come True

master suiteWhen the homeowners first retired to their “Traditional Turned Modern” master suite, they took it all in. Eagerly and excitedly.

For the couple, the master suite represented years of planning, saving, and dreaming.

From the dark wood of the cherry floors to the glass and stone constructed walk-in shower. From the Jacuzzi tub to the elegant, oriental Soji screen doorway.

They saw the beautiful amenities they had admired from the pages of magazines, and they saw modern décor they craved. More than anything, though, they saw their dream come true.

Weaver specializes in bringing their clients imagination to life. Weaver’s talents, network of expert subcontractors, and tireless dedication makes them perfect for this type of job.

“It’s their dream, so you do anything and everything you can to make it the very best.” Weaver project manager Amos Lantz, who led the Master suite renovation, knows.

Before the Renovation

The old bedroom lacked personality and warmth. The wallpaper and teal cabinetry belonged in another century. An undersized home-office took up valuable space in the corner of the bedroom. Worst of all, the outdated master bathroom felt claustrophobic — not relaxing.

For as long as they could remember, the couple envisioned a true master suite. A place in the home, just for them. A gorgeous bedroom and a spa bathroom. Their retreat from the stresses of the outside world—together as a couple.

What did they do?

They saved their money and discussed and planned. They searched for and collaborated with a designer, Larisa Mcshane whose aesthetic style matched their own. And they called Weaver to make it all a reality.

The couple headed to Florida for the winter and stayed long into the spring. They gave the Weaver team plenty of room to work.

When they departed, they felt pangs of excitement because they knew they’d return to the master suite of their dreams.


To create something new, the Weaver team broke down — and tore apart — something uninspiring.

Expanding the master bathroom stood as the first order of business. For the extra space, the Weaver crew demolished the small office. After all, bringing your work into the bedroom is the opposite of a dream come true.

Armed with sledgehammers, the team knocked down the walls. With their hands, they hauled away heaps of plaster, carrying it all the way down to the huge dumpsters on the lawn.

“The dust really gets everywhere if you’re not careful.” Amos thought, pulling rubble from the house.

In total, the crew filled two 15 yard dumpsters with approximately 1,500 pounds of rubble.

Partners in Collaboration

Throughout the entire project, Weaver led the collaboration of talented experts. Plumbers, electricians, tile layers, and painters all worked together under Weaver’s direction.

After four months of renovation, with the job just finished, Amos stood on the brand new cherry floor and surveyed his work.

“This turned out really nicely,” he thought to himself. “I haven’t done anything quite like this in a while.”

The goal had been reached. The suite had completely changed. He knew the couple would be satisfied. For any client, for any project, that commitment is paramount and the feeling of satisfaction is unmatched.

A Luxurious Master Suite

master bathPlanning, saving, and dreaming paid off.

A beautiful dark cherry wood floor.

Oriental Soji doors leading to — matching the trim of — the gorgeous wooden sink and mirrors, affixed with chalice-shaped lights.

A spacious Jacuzzi tub in the place of the old one. A sophisticated stone-tiled, walk-in shower.

They knew they were home … it was everything they imagined.

The Dream Continues

When clients see their finished Weaver project, they see something beautiful: home, how they always dreamt of it.

A month or two after the renovation ended, the couple called Weaver again to discuss another idea they had for a project, another dream.

Once again, Weaver plans to return and they will bring their talents, network of expert subcontractors, and their tirelessly dedication.

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