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Meet Curvin Zimmerman, Our “East Division”

curvin_zimmermanGet to know Curvin Zimmerman, Construction Superintendent at Weaver Construction. Curvin is celebrating his tenth anniversary with Weaver this month and has an additional 14 years of experience in the construction industry.

Q: What is an average day like for you on the job?

Right now, I’m working primarily as the jobsite superintendent on a unique beach house project in Longport, New Jersey, that started in March of last year. We’re building the house for a previous client in the Valley Forge area who has a condominium close by. It’s a three-story, 9,000-square-foot beach house with a very contemporary design. It has a pool out front and a third floor deck with a view of the beach. You can see Atlantic City from the house. I live in the homeowner’s condominium during the week and commute home again for the weekend. A lot of the guys in our group call me the East Division. They don’t see me a whole lot.beach house rendering

I did some beach house work before this, but not quite as intense as this, and I’ve never worked on a home for more than four months. So this is not the average job for me. A lot of my work life is involved in this project.

Q: How do you secure a home on the beach?

To get a good foundation we drove 179 pilings into the sand, cut them even with the ground and then lay rebar and a concrete foundation on top. We poured a crawl space that extends partway up from the piles. The piles are completely concealed, encased in concrete and buried in the sand.

Q: Where does the project stand now?

Right now we’re working on mechanicals inside: the plumbing, heating and electrical work. The homeowner travels a lot to Europe and gets ideas when he travels. Many of the plumbing fixtures are inspired by European spas. We’re doing the exterior in porcelain tile that’s being shipped in from Spain. It’s an unusual project in its size and complexity. It will probably go into the fall.constructions

Q: Do you have a favorite project?

I don’t really have a favorite project. Whatever I’m asked to do, I’m glad to do it. I probably prefer new construction, though. With remodeling you get into dirty conditions, tearing up plaster, removing old insulation, and a lot of times things are out of level. I prefer starting from fresh, working with everything square and level.

Q: What do you like most about working in construction?

I like seeing the end of a project, the finishing details. Homeowners like that, too. Putting that smile on their faces, seeing everything come together, knowing the job is completed to the homeowner’s satisfaction, that’s my favorite part of the job.

Q: What do you do when you’re not at work?

I like hunting, fishing and enjoying the outdoors. I own mountain land up in Bedford County. When I get away from the beach, I go to the mountains.

Some evenings I like to walk on the beach here. It is nice, but I’m ready to go home by the weekends, too.

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