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Italian Vacation (and the story of Weaver’s first international vendor meeting)

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After two weeks touring northern Italy with his family, Weaver Project Manager Amos Lantz felt glad to be stateside, even though his vacation had been amazing.

Back at the office, different members of the Weaver team eagerly listened to Amos’ travel tales. It was the trip of a lifetime – they wanted to hear everything.

Locations, sights, and tastes most people will never experience. For a moment, Amos even thought, “Was I really in Italy or was it just a dream?”

A Daughter in Milan

So, what brought this Pennsylvania family all the way across the Atlantic Ocean?

Adventure, of course.

And family.

Amos’ oldest daughter Amber works as an Au Pair (international nanny) in Milan for an Italian family who has two little boys—over 4,000 miles away. Long-distance phone calls only go so far – they missed her, so the Lantz family decided to take their summer trip to see Amber.

Amos, his wife Miriam, their younger daughter Merideth, and her best friend Brooke left for Italy on Sunday, June 12.

Boarding his flight, work and construction projects were the furthest thing from Amos’ mind.

Enter Carnaby srl: Modern Décor from Milan, Italy


A Gothic-style cathedral in MIlan.

When he landed in Milan, Italy after a long flight, Amos checked his email. The interim manager of one of his new-build projects had some questions. Questions about exquisite kitchen cabinets coming all the way from Milan.

A world-class coincidence.

On one hand, Amos was on vacation. He flew all the way here to see his daughter and explore the culture of Italy– not to work. On the other hand, meeting in person could break down the language barrier. He knew that he was in the right place at the right time to get all of the questions answered.

“I like to do whatever has to be done to finish the job.”

Amos made up his mind quickly. He was going to visit Carnaby srl’s Milan showroom.

“I’m here,” he decided. “I’m going to go meet them face-to- face.”

Italian Itinerary

Even though Amos had scheduled Weaver’s first ever international vendor visit, he and his family still embarked on their Italian expedition.


Lake Como.


The Lantz family at Lake Como.
The Lantz family at Lake Como.

Throughout their travels, Amos and his family sought an authentic Italian experience. They chose to appreciate real life in beautiful Italy —not just as a tourist in a hotel. To get that feeling, they preferred to spend their nights in Air Bed and Breakfasts.

In a wooden gondola, Amos and his family crisscrossed the famous canals of Venice.  The small boat pushed through the murky canal water, and Amos was particularly intrigued by the centuries-old waterside dwellings.

“It’s amazing that people really live there,” Amos thought.

The climate in Milan was similar to Pennsylvania, a little hotter some days, Amos noticed. The Lantz family marveled at Milan’s Gothic-style cathedrals, built during the Italian Renaissance. The ornate spires and grand buttresses have mystified visitors for centuries.

“They were incredible to see,” Amos said.

The Authentic Italian experience — the Food.

No trip to Italy could be complete without appreciation of Italian cuisine.

Whenever they had the chance, Amos and his family sampled the local flavors. Pizza and pasta stood out as favorites.

“They make an amazing pizza compared to what we get in the states. The taste is just so much better. The crust is thinner. Their technique is amazing,” Amos said.

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Family Style Dinner

In Milan, Amber took time away to show her family everything she’s learned of the city from living there. What’s more, Amber’s employer family came out for an Italian dinner in a local restaurant.

The two families became acquainted over the long multi-course meal. They each shared and learned about each other. Amos thought to himself that he felt a sense of happiness seeing that the Italian family treated Amber like their daughter too. The boys she cares for even called her “big sister.”

One family from Pennsylvania and one from Italy, sharing a meal— served family style.

Bread, pasta, meat, fruit and dessert, and wine all finished with a coffee or espresso at the end.

“You spend a little more time eating. You really take your time and appreciate it,” Amos thought. “It’s a good experience.”

Meeting Ernesto at Carnaby srl

When Amos and Miriam arrived at the Carnaby srl showroom, the American couple felt excited as they looked around. Several contemporary-styled layouts were arranged throughout, and unique Carnaby srl furniture populated every corner of the spacious room.

“It was great to be in the show room knowing I’m using their products—it was a great experience.”

Ernesto Vergani, who designed the cabinets, greeted them enthusiastically.

Amos wanted a confirmation of what Weaver had at the project site. He needed answers about the cabinet trim and the back paneling.

They sat at a glass-top desk with the drawings and designs spread before them. Working side-by-side, they broke down the language barrier and answered all of Amos’ questions.

“He seemed very confident in his designs,” Amos remembered.

When Amos and Miriam left the Caranby srl showroom after a few hours of conversation, Amos felt as confident as Ernesto.

The Cabinets in Question

The Carnaby srl cabinets are a European style with an aluminum finish and a dark grey panel.

Going the Extra Mile(s)

Amos knows he didn’t have to visit the Carnaby srl showroom on his vacation. Sitting in the airport lobby, he simply could have replied that he would handle the situation when he got back. He could have put it out of his mind.

But he didn’t. Just like the rest of the Weaver team, Amos did whatever needed to be done for the project.

Instead, he scheduled Weaver’s first ever 4,000 mile away vendor visit.

“With the type of project that this is, I know it was definitely going to be worth it to meet at their showroom and talk with them.”


amos italy 5

Everyone at Weaver loves Amos’ stories and they’ve seen his pictures. Even if Italy is no longer a daily topic of conversation, he still thinks about the trip now and then.

“Since I’ve been back to work for a few days, it’s come to me from time to time.”

Amos feels that his job is all about helping each client fulfill their dream, because of that, he doesn’t want to have favorite projects.

Despite that, Amos suspects, “This one might stand out to me.”

When he puts the finishing touches on the project and whenever he thinks about it, he’ll always remember Milan and Weaver’s first international vendor visit.



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