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Inspired Renovations at the Gentleman’s Farm

Like most people who live in Lancaster County, Weaver Construction Salesman Steve Gerhart loves the look of a rustic farmhouse. It’s something of a personal inspiration — a personal passion that inspired the look and style of the Gentleman’s Farm.

luxury farmhouse

As a Construction Salesman with Weaver, Steve works with clients to design beautiful properties of all styles.

“I can wrap myself into different styles. That what makes Weaver a fun place,” Steve said. “We can do contemporary work, and we also do nearly the opposite end: rustic and old world.”

During Weaver’s latest series of renovations on the Gentleman’s Farm, Steve and the client, both lovers of the rustic farmhouse style, let their imaginations run wild. Together, they developed a one-of-kind property created with a very specific criterion. Throughout the entire renovation, Steve and the client focused on designing a property that would be truly authentic—yet enjoyable for modern living.

Most recently, Weaver brought the amenities and authenticity to the pool, the powder room, and the barn of the Gentleman’s Farm property.

 The Barn

The client imagined turning the unfinished barn into a rustic private pub — for entertaining family and getting away from it all. The original wood rafters were rotting and the stones were caked in mud — but it all radiated the authenticity they wanted to capture. Also, the barn floor was hard concrete—poured and re-poured as needed over several decades of use.


The client had big plans for this space, and the Weaver team had their work cut out for them.

The Weaver team attacked the thick concrete floor, jackhammering for more than a day straight. Using handheld jackhammers, the team broke up the concrete and tossed shovelfuls out the window.

Steve and the client designed a brick and hardwood floor to build a suitable pub atmosphere.

“It was naturally weathered, you can’t make something that looks that authentic,” Steve explained.

Protecting the Rustic Touches

The team worked diligently to clean the foundation stones. The stones were sturdy enough to last several lifetimes — and their look couldn’t be replicated.

The exposed rafters were an essential key to the authentic aura that inspired Steve and the client. However, the rafters were rotting and could possibly prove unsafe. The Weaver team worked to save the majority of the rafters while ensuring the barn remained 100% safe.

“Almost all of the rafters and stone are original — it was very important to keep as much authenticity as possible. Especially in the barn,” Steve said.

In fact, even the one of the few pieces that needed to be removed ended up being preserved.

“One of the old beams we had to replace, I brought it to my own home – instead of the dumpster,” Steve said.

The Powder Room

Steve and the client devised a great use for the former chicken house — a convenient bathroom and changing room for the pool.


So, how authentic was this chicken house? A rooster resided there up until construction was underway.

“There actually was a rooster in there. It wasn’t the friendliest thing — an old, nasty rooster that would chase you if it got the chance.”


The client sent the rooster to live with some friends at their farm — thus the chicken house transformation could begin.

Weaver outfitted the bathroom with modern amenities, yet they ensured the outside stayed authentic.

“We made sure it still looked like a chicken house when it was all said and done.”

The Pool

Weaver worked with another company to bring a luxurious modern pool and hot tub to complete the Gentleman’s Farm. As they had done throughout the entire renovation, the team and client remained very conscious about maintaining rustic authenticity.

pool 1

“We didn’t want the pool to take away from the property. Driving in and seeing this big modern pool could have ruined the atmosphere,” Steve explained.

To surround the pool, Steve designed a stone wall — one that matched the stone of the barn and farm house — to tie the pool into the rest of the look.

pool 2

They even built a decorative wooden door in the wall to evoke the style of a farmhouse root cellar.

The Weaver Process

“I appreciate architecture. What made this even more fun for me is that this style is so close to my own heart,” Steve said. “When he said run and give me ideas, it was sort of like I was the kid in the candy store.”

Every step of the way, Weaver and the client had a conversation. For every authentic detail, like the reclaimed wood floor or the chicken house décor, Weaver and the client collaborated. This process sets Weaver apart — we welcome the input, ideas, and imagination of our clients.

“This project was fun for both of us. The owner played such a large role,” Steve remembered. “Both of us spent a lot of time thinking together.”

This type of architecture is slowly fading from our county. Every year, more farmhouses and barns are torn down than are raised up. The client, Steve, and the Weaver team felt proud to keep one more barn and farmhouse dotting the Lancaster County countryside. The Gentleman’s Farm is entirely unique after the renovation, which brought it into the modern era — and was done so with the loving pursuit of authenticity.

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