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Growing Tourism Brings New Hotel to Area

DJI_0025For many years Salunga sat as just an exit off of Route 283. It would never be confused as a tourist destination. You were more apt to see a horse and buggy than a world-renowned field hockey team. Fast forward to the 21st century and Salunga still has small town charm, but now it is home to the largest sports facility in the country. With that comes tourism, which means business is booming in this quiet hamlet in East Hempfield.

When a sports team comes to Spooky Nook, it is normally there for a tournament which could require families to spend multiple days in the Salunga area. With a lack of hotels nearby, it was only natural to start seeing an influx of accommodations popping up in the surrounding areas.

Weaver Construction and Roofing has helped to construct and build many hotels in the greater Pennsylvania area. When Comfort Suites acquired land near the Spooky Nook sports facility, Weaver was commissioned to build the hotel.

2015-08-12 15.09.10The 80-room hotel is slated for a Spring 2016 opening, but there is a lot to do prior to guests arriving. One of the unique challenges to this hotel is that a water tank has to be buried underneath the hotel which will supply both the water for the sprinkler and domestic use. This requires building a pit in what will be considered the middle of the hotel.

Another challenge that will face construction is the emergence of cooler weather. As temperatures start to drop, special care has to be taken with the materials used to build the hotel so it does not become damaged. Right now construction is working diligently to get the exteriors finished, so that they can be closed off prior to inclement weather. If the exterior is not finished prior to cold weather, tenting may be required to protect the outside of the building.

Keeping materials properly heated is important, so they do not become damaged. Many times that requires equipping your worksite with temporary heat, especially when you are not on the site.

You may think summer is devoid of problems. However, humidity can cause just as many problems as frigid temperatures. Dehumidifiers are often used on jobsites to keep materials dry. No matter what season, sequencing the order of build is very important.

When the hotel is ready to open, Weaver will have had a hand in working with contractors to install the furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E), but they handle everything from installing flooring, accessories and doors to providing a lot of the materials.

If you are visiting the area or even just need a stay-cation locally, make sure to check out the Comfort Suites in Salunga this spring. You probably never realized all that it takes to build this hotel.

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