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Featured Project: Hinkletown Mennonite School

The rooflines of this school are reminiscent of home construction.

The first job of a school is to keep children safe, and security is what largely drives a school’s design and construction. When we designed and built Hinkletown Mennonite School, we provided the security they needed in a welcoming design.

One distinctive aspect of the design is its roofline. The shingled hip roof is reminiscent of a home, which is echoed in the façade on the entrance. The metal roof over the entryway also recalls a home or barn, which helps the building blend into the farmlands of the surrounding countryside.

Another design feature that has become very popular recently is the light upper

wall with the muted stripes. This breaks up the structure and carries the horizon line through the building, making it appear less massive and imposing.

The dark base and light top help the building blend in with surrounding fields.

Inside, the building is bright and inviting, with simple, straightforward designs and

traditional colors. Large windows admit plenty of sunlight and provide farmland views.

Our design teams are well versed in the special requirements of public buildings, and would be happy to talk with you about the many schools, churches and

other community buildings we’ve constructed in the area.

If you’re contemplating a community building project, contact us. We’ll give you ideas for creating a public space that feels like home.


Large windows invite views of the surrounding fields.
Large windows invite views of the surrounding fields.

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