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Featured Employee: Excavating Foreman Harlan Hoover

harlan-lgIn sixteen years, Excavating Foreman Harlan Hoover has worked in almost every field of Weaver Construction & Roofing, including commercial construction, residential construction, and roofing.  Hear what he says makes excavating so unique and learn about the veteran hunter’s favorite ways to prepare venison. Read on to learn what makes Harlan unique, on and off the jobsite.

What is an average day like for you on the job?

Most times my day starts at 6 a.m. at our shop, that’s where we get together to meet. From there, most times, I’ll go to the job and get excavating. Usually, I’m running the equipment, doing the actual excavation.  Some days though, I’ll be driving truck and hauling materials. It varies from one day to the next.

What’s your favorite type of equipment?

I enjoy running the excavator and skid loader that we have. I also enjoy driving the truck. Really, I enjoy running any piece that we have.

What do you like most about your work?

One thing I like is that the excavation is normally the thing to start the project. The reason I like excavation is that I enjoy being out there in the beginning.  I like getting things started, and I like figuring everything out for the job.

What do you like least about your work?

You never know what you’re digging into when you’re doing an excavation. You can have a lot of surprises because you can’t see what’s underground. When you dig something up, that you weren’t planning to dig up, that’s not a lot of fun.  That’s one of my least favorite things to do.

Have any stories to share about that?

I’ve experienced that by digging up the neighbor’s sewer line, towards the end of the day. It cracked the sewer and we had a lot of sewage running out into the trench. It was a mess to work with.

How do you work to get better at your job?

We always strive to get better at what we’re doing. That’s one thing I like about this company. People give you ideas and ways to improve—we’re always helping each other out to try and get better. Everybody wants to achieve that goal.

Do you have a favorite project?

There’s a lot of projects I really enjoyed. We started one along the beach. That was a fun one to work on—we don’t do too many like that. It was in Longport, NJ, right along the ocean. We were working in sand too which is a little bit different than what we’re normally used to. It’s easy digging, but if it rains the sand and everything wants to wash right into your trench.

Once it’s done, it’ll be a beautiful home.

What is it like to work at Weaver?

I’ve been working with Weaver for a little over 16 years. One thing I really enjoy is the great team you work with. We work well and we also have fun while we’re working, so that makes for a fun day.

They like to reward you for different stuff. In the past year, we got a safety award of three years with no time lost to injury, so they took the whole company on an outing. Some guys shot clay bird, some guys went fishing, and some guys went golfing. We had the whole company together. We had a good time and had some good food. It was a beautiful day, and everybody enjoyed it together.

What’s your family like?

My wife and I have three children. My boys are 10 and 7 and my daughter is 4. My two boys are in school.

As a family we love to go on vacation together.

Where do you like to go on vacation?

In the past, we’ve gone to Ocean City, MD quite a bit—that’s a nice beach that we all like. We also went to Wildwood, NJ this past year.

We often rent a cabin up in the mountains, some friends will get together and we’ll rent a cabin up there—that’s a yearly thing we’ll do .

What are your hobbies?

I enjoy playing volleyball and playing softball with my boys.

I also love to go deer hunting. I do quite a bit of deer hunting locally and I’ll go to New York. I like to get some venison to fill my freezer.

What’s your favorite way to have venison?

I really enjoy the back straps, making steaks with them. I’ve made quite a bit of jerky, too. That’s something everyone enjoys.

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