To defend your foundation from water, choose Deco products for maximum dampproofing or waterproofing protection. Designed for masonry block, ICF Forms, and concrete, Deco products are the safe and versatile solution that provides that provides maximum water-resistance. Hydrostatic pressure refers to the natural presence of water pushing on a building’s foundation. This presence of this natural phenomenon determines which Deco product your foundation needs for complete protection.


Need to defend a foundation from persistent water without hydrostatic pressure?

Then Deco Dampproof Coating offers the protection you need in the convenience of a single application. Unless hydrostatic pressure is an issue, dampproofing will keep you protected and dry.

The benefits of using Deco Dampproof Coating include:

  • Can be applied directly to damp walls
  • Can be applied to top of foundation walls
  • No grade-line problems as with tar
  • Only one application required
  • Continuous coating eliminates seams
  • Dries gray, no odor


When you need maximum water protection, you need DecoSeal. Waterproofing using DecoSeal is the only method to protect against the damage caused by hydrostatic pressure, which includes damaged walls and mold growth.

The benefits of using DecoSeal for waterproofing include:

  • Preventing hydrostatic pressure damage
  • Stopping water leaks in nonstructural cracks
  • Reducing mold growth
  • It is composed of 0% Volatile Organic Compounds
  • It has a comparable price to outdated Competitors
  • All of the benefits of dampproofing


In addition to providing more effective protection than the bituminous (tar) products it replaces, Deco products are safer for people and the environment. These completely water-based products are 100% non-toxic and non-flammable.

Learn more about Weaver’s water defense services using DecoSeal and Deco Dampproof Coating.

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