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AJ Rodriguez

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Sean Hurley

Sean began working for a builder while in college and really enjoyed it. He has been working full time in the industry since 1994 for builders, construction product suppliers, and was also self-employed prior to joining the Weaver team. Sean…

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Henry Garman

Henry is the project manager of Excavation Services. Henry grew up on a farm & always enjoyed running equipment. As soon as he turned 18 Henry got a job running equipment; which makes him a great fit as he spends…

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Chris Martin

As part of the Roofing and Exteriors team, Chris is the Production manager which involves scheduling the crews, ordering materials and managing the daily work process. His years with the company consisted of working in new construction roofing to complete…

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Shaun Mendenhall

As a Construction Project Manager, Shaun takes the client’s project from blueprints to completion. His attention to detail, and knowledge of his craft make Shaun an excellent asset to our client’s project. He strives to bring the project to completion…

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Linford Burkholder

As a Project Manager in Commercial, Linford is responsible for planning and organizing everything involved in turning an idea and a set of blueprints into a working commercial structure. Linford strives to bring in every project on time and at…

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Roger Glick

Having worked in the construction industry since 1990, and being part of many different areas within the construction field has given Roger a great knowledge base of construction. Roger’s professional career started by doing architectural design & drafting. After years…

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