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Randy Weaver

Randy grew up around the family business and worked at the company over the summers doing everything from sweeping floors to pouring concrete. After graduating from High School he decided that he wanted to make a career in the construction…

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Matt Riehl

Matt started his career in the construction industry as an equipment salesman and his interest in occupational health and safety began when he started selling a line of construction safety equipment. Specializing in the fall protection needs of his clients,…

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Quinten Zwally

Strategizing the best way to take a project from blueprint to reality is where Quinten comes in.  He customizes our approach to the needs of each individual client for both commercial and residential building projects, matching their needs along the…

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Kevin Esh

Kevin is driven by detail, order, and new ideas that increase overall efficiency.  As Finance Manager, he is responsible for directing and overseeing all portions of Weaver Companies’ accounting and finances which includes creating relevant reports and information needed for…

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Ken Weaver

Ken was born into the construction industry. His father started Weaver and as a kid, he enjoyed helping out the crews on the jobsite with carrying lumber and sweeping floors. His journey up through almost every position in the company…

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Melvin Weaver

Melvin Weaver began the Company in 1973, at the age of 23, building residential homes, agricultural and commercial buildings. In the beginning, Mel performed many of the trades, including concrete work, framing, siding, roofing, and interior finishes. In 1979 Mel…

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