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Whether you’ve lived in your home for years and want a more current look, or you recently bought a home and you’re looking to give a room a makeover, Weaver can create a space ideal for gatherings of family and friends. We work with you to realize your vision and have the materials and people in place who can make that vision a reality.

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  • Stunning Transformed Split Level
  • Kosher Kitchen
  • Master Bath

Stunning Transformed Split Level | Devon, PA

The pristine white stucco exterior of this home first attracted the homeowner’s but the interior left them desiring more. With the renovation encompassing most of the house, their project would be like building a new home inside the still-beautiful stucco exterior. Knowing the homeowner’s desire to be in their newly renovated home by Christmas – our team hit the ground running.

Instead of feeling open and welcoming, the kitchen and living room were dark and cramped. First on the list for demolition was tearing down walls to introduce the space to natural light and a feeling of openness. Next item on the list was pulling up the well worn hardwood floors and bathrooms. In total on demolition week we filled 8 maximum size 30 yard dumpsters with debris.

Our team worked hard throughout this project to save time to meet the crucial deadline. The beautiful hardwood floors and natural light are hard to miss in the kitchen, living room and dining area now. This home went from drab to dream, from cramped to spacious, and from old to new.

The homeowner’s were thrilled to move back into their home and celebrate Christmas as a family.

Kosher Kitchen | Merion Station, PA

To start the project we visited two custom kitchen shops with the client to help in the design process. The kitchen renovation included taking two rooms and turning it into one enlarged room. We had to reroute all plumbing and mechanicals that ran through the existing wall we tore down. Due to the age of the home we also installed Gypcrete on the floors to ensure leveling.

Since our homeowner is Jewish, we made sure that all holidays and daily events of the Jewish calendar were strictly adhered to for the schedule and working time. In addition, to keep a kosher kitchen we installed two of each appliance. In the end we created a beautiful kitchen that is in line with the homeowner’s religious traditions.

Master Bath

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