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When you stay at a hotel, you should feel relaxed and at home. Whether you’re a large chain or a specialty boutique hotel, Weaver will work with you to make sure your vision and design are carried out to perfection. We build a place where your guests will feel comfortable and want to stay awhile.

Featured Projects: Hospitality Construction

  • Hyatt Place Hotel
  • Comfort Suites Exton
  • Best Western – Intercourse
  • Amish View Inn & Suites

Hyatt Place Hotel | King of Prussia, PA

This project was the first time Hyatt Place did anything along the lines of a retrofit; prior to this all Hyatt Place hotels had been new constructions. Weaver was tasked with completely gutting and rebuilding the inside of an existing six-story structure, allow for continued hotel operations while this was being done and meet a five-month deadline for completion – about half the time a project this size would normally take. To meet the schedule, Weaver used four eight-man labor crews to work on two floors at a time from the top down, with up to 85 total workers in the field daily. Thanks to the success of this project, Hyatt Place now has prototype plans and specifications for future renovation projects.

Comfort Suites Exton | Exton, Pa

This beautiful four-story, 91-room hotel was the first of three Comfort Suites projects Weaver undertook in a two year span. Included in the build were many upgrades including flooring, millwork and a steel canopy entrance. The basement level included a Pool Room, Exercise Room and Laundry. Since the property was located on swampy land, sump pumps were installed to continually eliminate water from entering the basement.

Best Western – Intercourse | Intercourse, PA

Weaver collaborated with both the owner and the architect for the design concepts. This included renovation of the current hotel and restaurant, plus a 45,000 square-foot three-story addition bringing the number of rooms from 39 to 90. As the project progressed, the scope was widened to include conversion of an adjacent warehouse into a pool room, together we were able to overcome the scheduling and budget challenges.

Amish View Inn & Suites

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