“Upon This Rock I Will Build My Church.” – Matthew 16:18

Weaver has been blessed with opportunity to build many churches in the area. Our faith is very important to us, so we are thankful for the opportunity to be able to help other congregations build beautiful churches for their parishioners. Whether it is for a sanctuary, a gym or a kitchen, we build churches that make you feel at home in God’s house.

Featured Projects: Churches

  • Solid Rock Baptist Church
  • Grace Fellowship Church

Solid Rock Baptist Church | Kirkwood, NJ

Solid Rock Church had outgrown their existing facility. The church purchased a large lot with sufficient area to construct a new facility which would accommodate their current needs and future growth. Weaver partnered with the church to design and build the new 58,000 square-foot facility. Through innovative design assistance, Weaver was able to help the church reduce construction costs to meet their desired project budget. For example, Weavers suggested changing the structure of one wing from pre-engineered steel to block/steel web joist.  This change also provided sufficient roof area to accommodate all HVAC mechanical units.

Grace Fellowship Church | Shillington, PA

Grace Fellowship brought us on board to build a 410-seat sanctuary with a fellowship hall, gymnasium, kitchen, offices and classrooms. The original plans called for steel studding and a steel roof structure. By recommending a change to wood construction, Weaver was able to save considerable cost without sacrificing quality. Additionally, the build site required a fair amount of excavation work. Grading had to be cut in some very rocky areas, and access was not easy because there were restricted wet lands. The finished structure has provided the parishioners of Grace Fellowship Church with a state-of-the-art facility in which to gather and worship.

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