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Bump-Out Addition Opens New Possibilities for Kitchen Upgrade

Magee3Sometimes a few feet can open up a new world of possibilities for a renovation. The layout of this kitchen was rather typical, with a U-shaped work area, an adjacent breakfast area and a sliding glass door behind it. Just beyond lay the laundry room, which opened onto the backyard.

The homeowners wanted to update the finishes and layout of their kitchen to feature a large island. The existing space was just a bit small for their plans.

As is common in homes with this design, the kitchen sliders opened onto a level deck area that spanned the length of the kitchen.Magee1

We built a small bump-out addition to give the kitchen a few more feet of elbow room for a total redesign.Magee2

 The bump-out eliminated the sliding door and deck. A door was added to the adjacent living room (left) to make up for the lost slider. The bump-out maximized Magee4the remaining available space. The laundry room door (right) remained unchanged. Because of the large level area behind the home, the homeowners have many options for replacing the deck with another deck or a patio.

Inside, the resulting space allowed us to move the appliances to create a better flow. First, we moved the refrigerator to get it out of the path of the laundry room. Moving it also eliminated the exposed side, which had become a clutter magnet. In the new layout, it moved closer to the sink, making a tighter work triangle.

Magee6We also closed the laundry room off from the kitchen with a pocket door.

A new feature window brings in plenty of light to make up for the lost sliding doors. The breakfast nook area now houses the stove.

The eating space was incorporated into a large central island, which provides a generous work area as well as ample seating for four. The new island is a great feature for the way the family really lives, giving them space to gather, do homework and eat while food is prepared.

The finishes were updated from the golden oak and brass that were popular when this home was built to granite, ceramic, stainless and bright white cabinetry. The homeowners also chose to update the hardwood floors. The resulting space is cheerful, inviting and easy to maintain.

The laundry room also got a facelift, taking it from this:Magee11

To this:Magee12

Even the dog got an eating area upgrade, with a dedicated nook under the laundry room sink.

A small bump-out is a relatively inexpensive way to add space, and as this kitchen renovation shows, a few extra feet can open up a world of new possibilities.

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