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An Accessible Home for Logan

Logan’s room opens onto a new sitting room. The double-wide pocket doors allow easy access to the room.

In July 2011, 12-year-old Logan fell into a storm drain and suffered extensive brain injuries that left him unable to walk or communicate. His mother was determined to care for him at home and approached us about creating an accessible home addition. We were eager to help Logan’s family create a positive and supportive environment for Logan, as were many members of the community.

Donations and offers of supplies flowed in. An accessibility architect donated plans for an addition with a bathroom and physical therapy room on the basement level, a bedroom and sitting room on the main floor, and an expanded master bedroom suite on the second floor. We donated an elevator that could carry Logan’s wheelchair from floor to floor. A lumber company donated the framing lumber, and many other businesses and community members gave their support to the project.

Because of Logan’s sensitive health, we used an external ventilation system in addition to our usual measures to prevent dust from entering the home during construction. We adapted the plans and the building process to accommodate the donations and volunteers who were part of the project.

The result is a bedroom that any teenager would be excited to call home, outfitted with fixtures and equipment that allow Logan to enjoy it with his mother’s help. Today, through physical therapy at home as well as in other facilities, Logan is working toward his goals of communication and purposeful movement. Using the elevator and a hoist system that can move him from room to room, his mother is able to meet all of his daily needs.

We were honored to be part of what was truly a community project to support Logan and his family in the wake of a tragic accident. Our thoughts and prayers remain with them as Logan works to overcome the obstacles he faces every day.

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1Logan’s room is stylish and functional. The transport system works on unobtrusive tracks installed in the ceiling that run from the elevator across Logan’s room. Using it, his mother can move him from room to room independently. His room is also outfitted with a sink and refrigerator for medicines and other supplies.

3 The basement level features a fully accessible bath with roll-in shower.

Logan’s physical therapy room opens onto the bathroom. The elevator is visible on the left. Notice the track system in the ceiling.

The elevator carries Logan in his wheelchair from the bathroom and therapy room on the basement level to his bedroom on the main floor.

An exterior shot of the addition.

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