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How to Save Big Money with Commercial Roof Coating

Your business can’t win the Powerball. Your business can’t compete on Jeopardy. But what if you could save a hundred thousand dollars from your capital expense fund? By implementing professional roof coating, you can extend the life of your commercial…

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Featured Employee: Eugene Burkholder

Roofing Foreman Eugene Burkholder lends his talents to both repair and installation work for Weaver. Making customers happy and solving problems drives Eugene through the variety of jobs he undertakes. When Eugene isn’t at work, he likes to spend his…

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Why Maintenance Matters for the Commercial Roof

A few hundred-thousand dollars. Every time you see the number written out, it hits you like a gut-punch. A few hundred-thousand dollars. Spent on an emergency new roof for your business. Your roof wasn’t that old, less than ten years,…

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Featured Employee: Ryan Zimmerman

Working in drafting and estimating, Ryan Zimmerman handles several crucial aspects of a Weaver project. Although he has contributed his talents to many styles of construction projects, he primarily works in residential renovation.  Read on to learn about what makes…

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Judge a Book by Its Cover: Siding Choices for a Beautiful Home

Choosing a siding material for your new or soon to be renovated house? If you are, you probably feel similar to a kid in the proverbial candy store: dazzled by the colorful variety of choices before you! The question on…

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Featured Employee: Quinten Zwally

With 21 years of experience, Production Manager Quinten “Quint” Zwally oversees all Weaver Construction projects, both commercial and residential. Quint spends his days coordinating and providing information to the many people who come together to make a Weaver construction project…

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Three Blessed Years: Weaver Construction Reaches Safety Milestone

Three Safe Years On February 3, Weaver reached the milestone of three years without a single employee losing time to injury. After a longtime employee suffered a serious injury from a roof fall, we further committed to doing whatever possible…

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Featured Employee: Steve Gerhart

With 26 years of construction sales experience, Steve Gerhart knows how to help clients what they’re looking for. He is motivated by the feeling of working closely with a client to bring their plans to fruition. Learn more about what…

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Unexpected danger: Winter Weather’s stress on roofing

Winter weather takes its toll in a lot of ways: on roads, cars, and the bread and milk aisles of the grocery store. Winter storms, however, also endanger roofs at both homes and office buildings, a crucial topic which people…

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Rustic Charm: Historic Style In a Modern Way

For project manager Quint Zwally, renovating or adding on to an old home is often just a matter of tearing out the original pieces to replace them with something new and better. In the case of the Rustic Charm residence,…

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