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A Commercial Renovation That Revitalized a Community

BFM-1Most communities have their share of vacant commercial buildings. Often business prefer to build new rather than take on the complexities of repurposing an existing structure. Yet renovating an existing structure can be more affordable than new construction—and revitalize communities in the process.

Members of the Bristol Amish Market in Bristol, Pennsylvania faced that decision in 2009. Rents were rising in their existing facilities and they began looking for a site where they could build their own facility. They came to Weaver because they were familiar with our new construction and renovation work in the area.

Working closely with the tenants, we located a Cadillac dealership at the entrance of Bristol that had gone out of business. The abandoned building was an eyesore and the property presented several challenges, including contaminated soils, piles of tires and car parts and other debris.

From Eyesore to Asset

While researching the site, we discovered that the community had lost its local market some time ago and wanted one back. We knew the challenges could be overcome and the site converted within the owners’ budget.

We sketched out plans to renovate the existing 14,000-square-foot building and add another 14,000-square-foot pre-engineered steel addition. The clients approved and we moved forward with design and construction. To complete the project within the clients’ budgets, we created a plan that allowed the individual tenants to be responsible for construction of their own stands. We held evening meetings to coordinate inspections and make sure all of the work met applicable building codes and regulations.

BFM-1aToday, Bristol Amish Market is thriving in its new location, and the community has a lively local market in place of a vacant, contaminated property at the entrance to town.

Making use of existing materials and building sites is the ultimate green construction. It saves waste and revitalizes the community.

If you’re interested in repurposing an existing structure, whether residential or commercial, contact us today. We’ll be happy to turn your vision into a reality.

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