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Monthly Archives: May 2015

A Commercial Renovation That Revitalized a Community

Most communities have their share of vacant commercial buildings. Often business prefer to build new rather than take on the complexities of repurposing an existing structure. Yet renovating an existing structure can be more affordable than new construction—and revitalize communities…

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Meet Curvin Zimmerman, Our “East Division”

Get to know Curvin Zimmerman, Construction Superintendent at Weaver Construction. Curvin is celebrating his tenth anniversary with Weaver this month and has an additional 14 years of experience in the construction industry. Q: What is an average day like for…

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Seven Trends to Watch in Commercial Building Design

We’re seeing some exciting trends in commercial building design and construction, many of which apply to residential construction as well. The common denominators are bright colors, open, flexible interior spaces and a dedication to green construction. Colors of the Year:…

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