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2015: A Blessed Year at Weaver

IMG_3756A year to remember! That’s how we’ll look back on 2015. It’s been a great year at Weaver Construction & Roofing and we have celebrated many milestones along the way. We thank our great clients, vendors, employees and everyone who has helped make this year incredibly special for us.

Safety Matters

In January we celebrated two years without a single lost time injury. It was quite the milestone to achieve. We rewarded our staff with a suite at a Philadelphia Flyers game – complete with food and drink service. It was nice to enjoy a game all together and not have to worry about work!

Expanding on that two year milestone, in October our total reached 1,000 days without a lost time injury. In the construction company this is almost unheard of, so we were incredibly proud of our team for working together safely to achieve this goal. Because our number one priority is to keep our employees safe so that they can return to their families every night, we celebrated this achievement with a dinner for our entire staff and their families at Shady Maple.

Three years is just around the corner and we are looking forward to celebrating once again!

Giving Back

Our company is founded on giving back to our communities. Many of our employees are active in their churches, local fire departments and many other philanthropic causes. We are proud every day of the service they donate, but we as a company also know the importance of giving back. Each year, we dedicate one day to work on a project to benefit the local community. The entire staff is involved and it’s a great opportunity for all areas of the company to join together to help the greater good.

This year our team spent the day helping to expand the Cross Connection Youth Center. In one day we fully framed a loft, fully shingled the addition and had a portion of the siding in place.

Great Projects

We are so lucky to get to work on great projects in our communities. We help homeowners and business owners to upgrade their homes and work spaces, or start from the ground up and create new ones.

One job that we had the privilege to work on was the renovation of an old bowling alley into a new location for The Sportsman Shop. Complete with a retail area and gun range for target practice, this project spanned from 2014 into late August when the new facility opened. What was really special about the project was that we finished on time, so our founder, Mel Weaver, was able to have the first shot on their brand new gun range.

Looking Back

With all the great things that we accomplished in 2015, we couldn’t have done it without the people who make Weaver Construction and Roofing great. That’s our employees. We are blessed beyond measure to have a dedicated team working side by side to achieve our goals.  Hear what they had to say about this year’s favorite moments!

Jay Stoltzfus: I enjoyed working together as a company on the community service project. Also enjoyed the 2 years and 1000 consecutive day without lost time injury celebrations.

Dylan Ray: The highlight for this year would be leading the construction of my first hotel. The constant challenge of meeting all the little deadlines, always trying to stay on schedule.  It does feel good, when you are able to rise to the occasion.

Connie Gehman: A highlight for me was the Community Event that we did at Cross Connection in New Holland.  It was fun to see our employees, field and office staff pulling together for this ministry.  I was amazed at the amount of work that was accomplished in that one day.  It was truly a blessing to the Cross Connection board!

Nate Copenhaver: I’d say my favorite job for the year was Ron and Trish Donovan. It was a deck job.

I also appreciate the company working together at the service project. It’s a great way to give our time and skills to help others.

Kevin Esh: I enjoyed being part of the upfront budgeting and design work at The Sportsman Shop.  It was fun being part of a project that the local community was excited about.  Another highlight of the year was the project we did for Cross Connection.  They do great work in the community, and it was neat being able to give a significant boost to the construction of their next facility. I continue to thoroughly enjoy our teamwork and the fun anticipation of each day in the Office.

Steve Gerhart: Ken’s staff meeting prayer each Thursday to start off our time together, 2:30 afternoon hallway pushups, time together at our office, “Worksgiving” (the day before Thanksgiving we did lunch all together). The Class farm job is a favorite of 2015, along with Philadelphia projects.

Roger Glick:

Giving Back: One of my highlights for this year & every year that we have done it has been our “Stewardship” projects. Being able to give back to the community and provide solutions and help to those in need is what the “Great Commission” is all about. God commands us to “Love one another”, and provide for those in need and less fortunate. I admire the Weaver family for being “Great” stewards of what they have been blessed with and providing opportunities for their employees to do the same with their time.

Partnership Opportunities: The opportunities to speak with clients, share the knowledge and experiences that we have in our industry in order to help them meet their needs, is what makes selling new projects exciting. Wining them over and making them “Weaver Fans” is a very enjoyable outcome.

Solutions Provided: The Reed Project was a small demo & re-tile project on their new home being built by another builder. We were asked to solve a problem that the owners had with the original “New” installation of the master bathroom tile. We came in demoed the existing tile and Had Vernon re-lay the floor & all of the curb less shower tile. We also installed the kitchen backsplash tile for them. We were able to correct the issue and solve their dilemma with the original installation, producing a very satisfied customer.

Looking Ahead

In 2016 we are excited to continue striving to remain safe, giving back to our communities and providing exemplary projects for our clients.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our 2015 great. We look forward to helping you in 2016!

God Bless and Happy New Year!

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