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Monthly Archives: November 2014

How a Close Call Changed Our Approach to Job Safety

Employers always want their workers to be safe. But even the best safety program isn’t immune to human nature. People naturally fall into old habits. They get used to working with certain hazards and become complacent. Staying safe in the…

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Is Your Roof Winter-Proof?

Roofing materials have come a long way from the materials available 40 or 50 years ago. Today’s roofing systems carry the longest warranties in history. But just because your facility has a 20-year roof doesn’t mean you have a 20-year…

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Prevent Roof Leaks and Damage With Fall Maintenance

It’s easy to forget about your roof when it’s working properly. After all, most roofs carry pretty long warranties, which leads some people to think they can install one and then forget about it for a few decades.

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