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1,000 Days – The Story of Weaver’s Safety Record

When it comes to priorities at Weaver Construction and Roofing – there is one that is higher than any other and that is safety. Beautiful homes and businesses are all the result of safe work from the employees at Weaver.

Not only is building a safe structure important to Weaver, but keeping the employees of Weaver safe is just as important. And we are proud to say that we have made it to 1,000 Days with no lost time injuries.

In an industry where people are walking on roofs, using heavy equipment and have the potential to injure themselves at any turn, this landmark milestone is a huge one in the construction industry.

Prior to our 1,000 day landmark we weren’t so lucky. An employee of ours experienced a very bad injury and with the grace of God, he was able to recuperate and come back to work with Weaver. Although we knew that safety was important, this was a huge eye-opener for us and it instilled in us that no project is worth the life of one of our employees. They must go home at night. That’s all there is to it.

Today, we have many protocols in place to ensure safety on the jobsites and in the workplace. Employees are required to read weekly Tool Box Talks, which provide information on completing a job safely and complete bi-monthly safety trainings. In addition we have a Safety Committee who meets on a regular basis to implement protocols to maintain safety in the field. All of this is done to provide the workers in the field with a wealth of knowledge on how to stay safe!

On January 30, 2013 we started this 1,000 day journey. We’ve built hundreds of structures, completed many renovations, and helped to bring happiness to families. But also since January 30, 2013, every single one of our employees has gone home safe. We can go on for awhile about how much this means to us, but we want to share with you what the people of Weaver have to say about the milestone!

“I am grateful for each and every day that our employees go home to their families the way they came to work in the morning. To celebrate 1,000 consecutive days without a loss time injury was something I wasn’t sure was possible. I appreciate that our employees have pursued safety, going home safe & made safety a priority. I am certainly grateful to God for His protection & safety over our company in the past 1,000 days.” Ken Weaver, Owner & President

“I am extremely proud of our team’s achievement of 1000 days without a lost time injury. This is a monumental achievement by any company but in the construction industry its almost unheard of. We have been able to achieve this because our team has embraced the idea that doing the job right doesn’t just mean doing a quality job but also means we do it safely.” Randy Weaver, Owner & Executive Vice President

“1,000 of anything is a pretty big number.” Steve Gerhart , Construction Sales

“The current 1,000 consecutive days without lost time injury shows me that we have been able to achieve both working harder & smarter. This is a true testament of the dedication put forth by all our employees day in and day out.” Quinten Zwally, Construction Project Manager

“Challenges can be daunting. Challenges accomplished develop determination and will dissipate fear. Ultimately character built by challenges and disappointments is depth. You need depth to foresee growth in challenging times. J Love the growth without physical pain!” Sam Dienner

“Solidifies, Weaver Constructions commitment to “Getting our guys home safe!” Roger Glick

Check back soon to see how our team celebrated our 1,000 Day Milestone!

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